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7 - 10 Sept 2020
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About Fireside Summit

Off-Grid + Sustainability + Tech
Returning 7 - 10 Sept 2020
Technology. Unplugged.

Fireside Summit is the UKs first off-grid sustainability & technology festival, taking place near the city of Bath. Returning from Monday 7th to Thursday 10th September 2020!

Disconnect from your wifi and phone, make real and valuable connections, learn new things, discuss technology without technology getting in the way, be inspired, inspire others, accelerate your business.


That's what Fireside Summit is all about.

Fireside Summit 2020 will cover three themes:

  1. Sustainability - in business, plus wider social and environmental context

  2. Technology - real use cases of technology solving problems and shaping our world

  3. People - from leadership and startup coaching to idea sharing and best practice, we'll explore what it takes to build a positive future.

Hang off every word from leading experts in sustainability and technology on the Inspiration Stage, or immerse yourself in interactive sessions like workshops, coaching, training and personal development classes in the Woodland Yurt.

Enjoy the ultimate digital detox, find new perspectives and make new friends at Fireside Summit.

And do it all around an excellent campfire!

Tickets Released on 1 December!

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Innovative Startups. Dynamic Scaleups. Sustainable Technologies. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence. Data. Drones. Security. Privacy. Identity. Decentralised Organisations. Leadership. Personal Development ... Fireside Summit is unlike any business event you've been to before. 




Talks & Workshops




Excellent Days!


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