Unplug. Reconnect. 

Look up. Power Down. Disconnect. Meet. Talk. Learn. Discover. Start-up. Grow ...

Fireside Summit is about building the future

With three main themes of Sustainability, Technology and People & Leadership, Fireside Summit is where businesses, innovators and creatives gather for two days full of fresh air and fresh ideas.

It's a business festival, but unlike anything you've been to before.

It's about switching off to switch on

Fireside Summit takes place at Field725 in Frome, in rural Somerset near Bath and Bristol, and once you get here you'll immediately feel the benefits and clarity that come from going off-grid.


There's no wifi, we keep screens to a minimum and you'll find yourself only using your phone as a camera!

There are fires to sit around, food and drink and coffee (of course coffee!); there's fresh air and trees and nature. There's a camping ground and starlit skies at night, so you can immerse yourself fully and stay on-site for toasted marshmallows and 4am chats.


Most importantly there are people, like you, who are  innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Fireside is about real people, great conversation, circadian rhythm. It's about unplugging, reconnecting and new ideas learned.

It's about creators

Fireside Summit is built by people who have experienced the startup journey, who have created something from nothing.

It's about the entrepreneurial life, the shared pain, the excitement, the potential.

Explore the latest technologies and trends, while being reminded of first principles for business success.

And do it all with sustainability front and centre of every action.

It's about zero waste, low impact, minimalist

Fireside Summit reminds us what matters. 

Fireside celebrates the trail-blazers using technology to address social and environmental challenges.

We encourage everyone attending to reduce their impact, even if just for two days. 

With nature walks and bushcraft talks, yoga and evening entertainment, Fireside Summit is a retreat from the hectic pace of modernity.


It's an opportunity to reconnect. 

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7-10 Sept 2020

Frome, Somerset