Alex Cosgrove

Head of Data, Insight & Analytics | ADLIB Recruitment

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 10:30
Type: Keynote 
Topics: Data, Startups, Skills, Careers

Dive into data - dealing with the shortage of data science & machine learning specialists

"Dive into Data" is an initiative that ADLIB Recruitment are running to showcase careers in the data science, machine learning and analytics space. By showing people how to break into these careers, linking graduates with employers for internships and giving advice to people at all stages of their careers on the next steps, we hope to help solve the shortage of these candidates for local employers.


Alex is an experienced Recruiter in the AI, Machine Learning & Analytics space. For the past 9 years he's supported the growth of start-ups and brand new innovation teams across the Technology and Financial Services industries. Alex finds developments in AI fascinating and relishes the opportunity to speak with candidates and students about their research and work, it's like looking into the future. Speaking with candidates in the AI space and telling them about really interesting and innovative companies that they could turn their talents to is rewarding and sometimes mind-blowing! 


Alex is the Head of the Data, Insight & Analytics team at ADLIB Recruitment and manages a team of Recruiters who specialise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, BI, Insight and Analytics. He works with a range of start up and scale up tech firms as well as some larger corporates looking to set up Data Science & Machine Learning teams in the South West and beyond.

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7-10 Sept 2020

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