Amy Armstrong

Leadership and Wellbeing Coach and Hypnotherapist | The Executive Alchemist

Session: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 14:30
Type: Workshop 
Topics: Wellness, Leadership, Personal Development

A class in confidence: up-end impostorism and catalyse sustainable success

During this upbeat, interactive session, participants will:

  • Learn the four principles of true confidence

  • Understand Impostorism for what it is

  • Determine how to shift from their Stress Type to their Success Style

  • Practice at least two proven techniques to maximise performance under pressure

  • Personalise a plan for sustainable success.


When operating without precedent at the edge of your comfort zone is a core part of your job, feeling like a fraud and impostor is all too common. How can we build and sustain genuine confidence under the constant threat of failure? What are practical strategies and quick hacks that can help us overcome our instinctive stress responses, and achieve sustainable success? Leadership and wellbeing coach and clinical hypnotherapist, Amy Armstrong will debunk the myths around Impostorism and share proven, evidence-based solutions to the challenges of confident performance under pressure.


Amy specialises in enabling leaders to excel under stress. Formerly a director of fast-growing business in ed-tech, Amy combines 15 years of leadership and high performance, with her expertise in the neuroscience of stress and success. Whether working with a CEO of a high tech start up, a director of a global incubator, or a user experience consultant seeking promotion, Amy is passionate in her support of leaders and rising stars to realise their full potential.

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Since 2003, Amy has been supporting talented professionals to unlock their self-belief, transform their skills, and achieve sustainable change.

Amy is a Leadership and Wellbeing coach and clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in helping emerging leaders and founders find their sweet spot – that point where skills are strong, our mind is calm, and we know how to deliver under pressure without collapsing in an exhausted, snotty, humiliating heap.  

Amy helps real, packed-with-promise leaders like you, to finally and fully realise your value – so that you can make your mark on the world, in your way, on your terms.

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7-10 Sept 2020

Frome, Somerset