Anjalee Burr

Head of UK Operations | eWaterPay

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 15:00
Type: Keynote
Topics: Tech for Good, Sustainability, Climate Change

Creating sustainable water systems in sub-Saharan Africa

Over $360 million has been spent on rural water supply schemes which are now dysfunctional in Africa. The World Economic Forum estimates this to be approximately 50,000 water infrastructure systems that since installation have failed completely. Forty percent of water systems break after two years, largely due to the fact that there is no trackable revenue collection to pay for operations and maintenance.


This presentation will showcase eWaterPay’s award-winning technology, spearheading sustainable water systems in sub-saharan Africa, through 100% revenue and water usage data collection. Operations and maintenance is key to the success of sustainable systems impacting rural communities and eWaterPay addresses this through a combination of NFC, IOT, Mobile Money and data analytics to provide 24/7 water access and jobs for engineers.

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