Cat Ainsworth

Co-Founder | The Dot Project

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 12:00
Type: Keynote
Topics: Tech for Good, Profit with Purpose

Shaping the future of tech - responsibly and collaboratively

Championing the role of the social sector in influencing how approaches to technology can become more responsible. We will explore how the social sector is well placed, through its' focus on compassion, empathy and human centric design, to evolve how technology develops to benefit society. In particular we will demonstrate how partnerships and collaboration are intrinsic to the future. We'll speak to the importance of greater collaboration, different ways of working, and taking ecosystem approach. Our goal will be to create a vision for the future which is inspiring, innovative and within the art of the possible.

Session 2: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 12:00
Type: Coaching
Topics: Tech for Good, Profit with Purpose

Creating a roadmap for your tech project

It can be challenging to manage priorities when it comes to technology. Activities more fast, sometimes faster than an organisation can handle. Culture can be positively, or negatively, disrupted as a result. Our sessions are designed to build confidence in your digital approach and provide clarity on what your priorities should be to enable you to evolve and thrive. We will support you to rapidly identify a roadmap to streamline your priorities and set realistic goals.


Cat Ainsworth and Annie Legge are co-founders of The Dot Project, a cooperative which champions purposeful digital technology.  Founded by Annie and Cat this women-led initiative places empathy at the core of its business, enabling organisations to change for good and develop digital technology for good​ Annie has extensive experience in leading and implementing digital strategies, managing complex projects and achieving tangible and innovative outcomes. 


Annie has worked previously with NGOs, private sector organisations and public sector bodies to design and implement digital solutions and products which truly respond to user needs.


Cat has been in international development for the past 10 years, through her experience working in remote and often fragile locations she is skilled in designing services and solutions to respond to complex user needs. 

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7-10 Sept 2020

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