Areiel Wolanov

Managing Director | Finserve Experts

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 12:30
Track: Blockercon
Type: Keynote
Topics: Blockchain, Decentralised Tech, Startups, Investment

How to unlock investments in blockchain projects

In both enterprises and startups, many people encounter difficulty convincing executives and/or investors to fund their projects -- even when the core idea is understandable and well-suited for blockchain -- because they don't know how to articulate the benefits of their solutions in a way that decision makers can use. In this session, Areiel will discuss some of the most effective techniques for quantifying business benefits, and introduce a framework for thinking that can help innovators and founders articulate their ideas more effectively

Session 2: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 15:30
Type: Workshop
Topics: Startups

Technology Adoption and Resistance to Change - Making it Real

Most of us in the technology industry have experienced the challenges we face when people are reluctant to adopt new innovations, even when those innovations will improve their lives. But accepting such resistance as a fact is different from getting a visceral feel for how it works. Through interactive activities, this workshop will give participants an internal, organic sense of how resistance to change actually manifests -- making it possible to plan much more effective adoption strategies.


Areiel leads Finserv Experts, a services firm that implements working DLT solutions for major enterprises.  Recent clients include Lloyd’s of London and Deutsche Telekom.

Areiel will give a historical perspective that traces the origins of blockchain from the orginal tokenization experiments that took place around 12,000BC (or 4,000 years before the invention of writing) and then trace the evolution through a series of commerce innovations between then and now.

Areile will also run an interactive activity that demonstrates the challenges of new technology adoption in a visceral, hands-on way. This is an activity he has run for Bank of America, HSBC, and the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco.

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