Danielle Krage

Speaker Coach | The Remote Speaker Coach

Session: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 12:00
Type: Workshop
Topics: Startups, Leadership, Public Speaking

You up here next year: a practical guide to public speaking

If you want to give more talks yourself, whatever your current level of experience, this talk will show you practical steps that you can take to improve.


It will give you a toolkit for approaching public speaking with confidence, and provide fun, immediate ways to think about structure.


Having worked with scores of entrepreneurs, startups like Jolt, and tech companies like Automattic, Danielle is skilled at breaking public speaking down in effective and actionable ways.


She also works with leaders and CEOs who have packed schedules. She will share the modular approach that helps these clients build talks quickly and efficiently, while still ensuring great results.


Come ready to take notes for building a talk of your own.


Danielle Krage coaches speakers remotely, to help them develop their presentations and keynotes, wherever they are in the world.


She designs interactive speaker training for International companies, like Automattic. She also provides coaching for conference organisers and TEDx events, to facilitate their curation and speaker development. 

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