Dr Mark Woods

Head of Autonomy and Robotics | SCISYS UK ltd

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 15:00
Track: ExRobotica
Type: Keynote 
Topics: Robotics, Space, A.I., Tech for Good

Using Mars Rover technology to keep people safe

As a society we rely heavily on a whole host of structure and civil infrastructure which must be inspected to keep it online. Often however this infrastructure is difficult to access and hazardous for humans to operate in but until now there has been no alternative but to continue with this model. This talk will describe how we are using state of the art to robotic technology developed for Mars exploration to address this challenge and implement a completely new way of executing this vital task.


Dr. Woods leads the Autonomy and Robotics group at SCISYS UK specialising in applications which enable autonomous exploration, survey or analysis of complex environments. He has over 20 years’ experience as an innovator leading, researching, developing and commercialising Robotics, Autonomy, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Based Applications from low to fully operational (industrialised) Technology Readiness Levels. He has been the autonomy lead for a wide range of European Space Agency (ESA), EC, UK and commercially funded projects including ESA's ExoMars Rover which will be Europe's first contact Mars mission. More recently he has led cutting edge applications of autonomy, robotics and AI technology to the Utilities, Nuclear and other commercial sectors. He consults and presents often on the strategic and practical application of AI in complex environments.

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