Helen Tanner

CEO | Data Cubed

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 10:00
Type: Keynote
Topics: Data, Privacy

Monetising data without the fines

We've all heard about monetising data haven't we? The term is banded around almost as much as big data, predictive analytics, blockchain and all the other buzz words in the data world. So let's demystify it... Am I going to get fined? Perhaps. Does monetisation of data mean selling your detailed, valuable, complex, detailed, often highly personal data to third parties? Which could make your customers unhappy, is often frowned upon and is sometimes illegal? Is that what we mean by monetising data? If so, that doesn’t sound like a good thing for businesses to do. Quite the opposite. So why does everyone bang on about monetising data being a good thing? Let’s think about it differently...let’s explore other ways that you can monetise data that’s good for your business, your customers and your reputation.

Session 2: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 11:00
Track: Tactical Summit
Type: Workshop
Topics: Data, Privacy

Make more money using data...with 4 vital ingredients

Do you want to make more money for your business? Of course you do! And, you can, with data. Want to get hands on with monetising data? Yay. This is the session for you.


This is going to be an active hands-on physically demanding workshop. We’re going to get you to consider the four vital ingredients for monetising data:

1. Your data – what data can you use?

2. Your business - what sector are you in and what do you offer?

3. Your user – what do they need or want to see or know?

4. The use case – what problem are you solving or what opportunity are you targeting? You’re going to build a brand new revenue-generating product using data in this session. Literally build it.


But I don’t want to give too much away…so come along and it will all be revealed.

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Helen is a data, marketing and blockchain fanatic. Born in the corporate world, she honed her skills at global corporate giants AXA and Computershare before setting up Data3, a data + marketing lab. Helen and her team help companies get closer to their customers, make smarter business decisions and make money from data. Specialising in the blockchain and crypto world, Data3 uses a data-led approach to run the strategy and execution of token sales as well as building blockchain analytics and blockchain visualisations.

Data? Blockchain? Marketing? Have a chat to Helen.

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