Jalaj Jain

CTO & Co-founder | imera.ai

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 15:30
Track: ExRobotica
Type: Keynote 
Topics: A.I., Deep Learning, Health Tech

Deep learning in medical diagnosis: challenges and opportunity

AI is transforming many industries including healthcare and pharma.  Deep learning based medical vision software can now successfully analysis and spot the various anomalies in Xray, CT scans and MRI images, at scale and speed.However, this does not come without significant technical, clinical and approval challenges. In this talk, I  will highlight opportunities created by deep learning for medical diagnosis, and share my thoughts on what it will take to overcome the various challenges. I will try to answer,  If algorithms can also be use to solve the other challenges as well, not  just being used for solve the diagnosis problems?

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Jalaj is a passionate technology professional ,writer , book lover and traveler, with over 15 years of experience in signal, image , video and vision processing.  He has been selected as an Exceptional talent nomination in Machine/Deep Learning by UK Tech city and MIT Technology Review Global Panel Judge by MIT Technology Review, in year 2018. Jalaj has previously worked with Sanyo multimedia research lab, Kumagaya Japan and Samsung visual display , Seoul south korea. He was also instrumental in setting and growing the USA based technology startup Metta technology, backed in year 2005, India. When not working, he likes to read books (read over 125 books since 2016) and travel around the world ( over 22 countries in South-East Asia). Jalaj holds master from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras ,a premier technology institute of India. 

Jalaj is currently cofounder  and CTO of Medical vision startup, imera.ai, a stealth mode medical vision startup, based in London, UK. He is also an active volunteer with United Nations -UK and British Heart Foundations, London, UK.

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7-10 Sept 2020

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