Kirill Shilov

Founder | Sky-Drones

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 14:30
Track: ExRobotica
Type: Keynote 
Topics: Drones, Robotics, A.I.

Challenges and opportunities in the drone industry

This talk will cover major aspects of designing and building solutions for drones including hardware, software, navigation and control algorithms, UI/UX as well as applications and customer success stories. Along with that all contemporary trends in UAV technology will be highlighted to demonstrate the potential of drones technology.


Kirill Shilov  - Founder and CEO Sky-Drones (, holds MSc degree with honors in Aerospace Engineering, majoring in Flight Dynamics and Control and BSc degree with honors in Applied Math and Physics. Kirill has extensive scientific and engineering experience in the field of robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles.


Before starting Sky-Drones, Kirill held engineering positions at ACSL Lab (Tokyo, Japan) and Perspective Robotics GmbH (Zürich, Switzerland).

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7-10 Sept 2020

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