Laura Shaw

Marketing | Pure Planet

Session: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 16:30
Type: Keynote
Topics: Tech for Good, Climate Change, Renewable Energy

The first thing you need to do when you’re back on-grid

How did we get consumers to save the world by doing life admin?

Taking climate action doesn't have to mean setting up a pink yacht in the middle of Oxford Circus, being a national treasure naturalist, or growing a beard in your yurt.


Technology is letting us bridge the gap between the unattainable climate superhero and the average Joe. Sure — you can ditch the straw in your cosmo. But I'm talking about halving your annual carbon footprint, from your phone, in under two minutes.


Learn how new industry players can become market leaders using artificial intelligence, digital-only customer service and your iPhone torch.


Laura is a Mechanical Engineering graduate currently driving consumer behaviour change with renewable energy. Learning the ropes of the marketing industry, regular contributor to the Pure Planet blog. A real people person and experienced team player with broad international and cross-cultural experience. Looking to make real change in real time with a versatile, pragmatic approach.

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7-10 Sept 2020

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