Richard Godfrey

Business Development, CEO | Rocketmakers

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 12:00
Type: Keynote 
Topics: Startups, Scaleups, Tech Development 

Fireside Summit starter for 10: designing, developing and deploying new tech

Designing, developing and deploying award winning apps, websites and software for new startups, growing scale-ups and large corporate innovators is @Rocketmakers MO, but how do they do this?


Join Richard Godfrey CEO & Marina Traversari (BD) as they discuss the award winning formula of Rocketmakers, the how and the why they work with startups and scaleups, the formula they use to develop individuals ideas and help them bring to market.


It isn’t rocket science! A blend of embracing and driving innovation combined with being on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology with a whole heap of authenticity, transparency, creative open mindedness is the formula to their success.


Come and join this dynamic duo as they share their experiences and have the opportunity to share yours - build, measure learn together to create sustainable business growth!


Richard has a wealth of technical expertise, a critical eye for usability, and blue-chip project management skills from his many years at Deloitte and Microsoft.

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7-10 Sept 2020

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