Mattias Bergstrom

CEO | Quantum1Net

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 11:30
Track: ExRobotica
Type: Keynote 
Topics: Space Tech, Robotics, Drones, A.I., Blockchain 

Decentralised swarm robots for space colonization

The presentation deals with project management and task assignment of autonomous swarm robots, using decentralized service manifests and blockchain.


Colonization in space is a big endeavor however we look at it, by sending out swarm robots to prepare for humans to arrive, we can lower the space colonization barriers. Distributed systems of multiple robots, called swarm robotics, are more robust than centralized systems consisting of single robots. The failure of one robot of a group need not prevent the others from performing a task. Furthermore, a group of collaborating robots can perform tasks that a single robot cannot.


Swarm robotics is inspired by the behavior of colonies of insects such as ants and bees. Tasks like mining resources to construct bases for human arrival, maybe even prepare for food production by building aeroponics or aquaponics systems. Communications among the robots of a group can be direct, indirect (for example, by leaving markings) or physical. Progress reports will be stored and shared over a blockchain, thereby keeping track of historical movements and ongoing projects.


Autonomous Service Manifests are used together Smart Task Agreements and distributed consensus, to assign tasks and manage projects. The swarm can through autonomous decisions do task execution changes, to achieve optimal performance and secure functions. Blockchain storage together with distributed consensus will behave as a hive mind, with generational learning, so that the robot swarms will adapt to the specific environment of the colonization area, evolve to perform their tasks better. A beneficial side effect of this approach is that the blockchain also becomes a blueprint for the next generation of swarm robots as task execution and project management is stored in the Blockchain and can be used not only to train the AI of the next generation but also to learn what hardware functions would be most beneficial to add to the swarm. We will present a solution for how a blockchain and cascading smart task agreement implementation together with Service Manifests, can be used to control and evolve swarm robotics.


This text is taken from an upcoming research paper about how Quantum1Net’s Service Manifests and the Yggdrasil Blockchain can be used for Space Colonization.

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Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 15:30
Track: ExRobotica
Type: Workshop
Topics: Space Tech, Robotics, Drones, A.I., Blockchain 

Robots, space and blockchain

The workshop will focus on thought and ideas that combine new technologies and space exploration, specifically space colonization. The idea is that the outcome of the workshop is an action plan to setup up a think tank with an email list and a manifest.


Mattias Bergstrom as successful Innovator, entrepreneur, and futurist with a main focus on business and technical strategies of distributed network and computing based solutions, he has developed multiple Internet protocols in the last 20 years and hold more the 60 patent claims in the field of networking, but also holds patents in wind turbine and agricultural technologies. Been designing high-speed network solutions for more than 25 years, deployed Voddler a P2P based video delivery system in 2006. Have founded and co-founded six startups as CEO and CTO, huge believer in the Internet, and technology overall, for good. 

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