Monika Radclyffe

Centre Director | SETsquared Bristol

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 10:30
Type: Keynote
Topics: Startups, Investment

Startup exit: with an end in mind

All startups raising funding for their business know that eventually an exit is expected of them, to bring a return to their investors. Yes, how many of you treat the exit strategy as a number one priority from day one? How many of you know when to sell and are truly prepared once that call comes through? During this talk we will talk about what an exit looks like, typical valuation methodologies, and what to do to be always prepared. We’ll also discuss option for a proactive acquisition that you can lead on. This talk is suitable for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business, currently fundraising or thinking of fundraising for their startup.

Session 2: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 11:00
Track: SavedByTech
Type: Workshop
Topics: Startups, Investment

Design Startup Success with Exit in Mind (workshop)

Entrepreneurs often start with an idea or a problem that they’re trying to solve. But how many of you stop to consider what the end point is and analyse all routes to get there to choose the shortest one?


At SETsquared Bristol incubator we have worked with over 250 technology startups over the past 17 years and helped 20 of them directly secure exits, and others as part of our wider support. What we have learned from them, we are sharing with the next generation of startups in our incubation programme.


During this workshop, we’ll sit down together to figure out your ‘big number’ and design your dream exit to make sure you are very clear about what are you sweating for. Once we get the end goal in mind, we’ll work on the key milestones you’ll have to achieve to get there. We won’t be able to work out your full strategy in just 45minutes, but at least you will know what your key priorities are. Life of an entrepreneur is overwhelming with everything that there is to do. We’ll make sure you don’t lose sight of the most important things.

This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business, or people wanting to set up a business in the near future.

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Monika is responsible for SETsquared Bristol Business Incubation Centre, where she manages the Centre’s strategy and delivery of incubation activity to the 80+ technology ventures. Monika's career includes setting up an incubator at the University of Westminster, running an entrepreneurial community of 6,000 members, setting up two co-working spaces and a digital acceleration programme at Dreamstake, facilitating open innovation programmes between corporates, academics and startups, running global innovation events at Fortune 500 firm, Cognizant, and leading delivery on fintech innovation programmes at ENTIQ. Monika lives in the Wye Valley and enjoys spending time outdoors in her spare time.

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