People & Leadership

Core theme @ Fireside Summit
People & Leadership is the third pillar of Fireside Summit. It’s about leadership and cooperation, it’s about teams and individuals. It’s about the people, like you, who are building something important.

What to expect

Building the future with effective leadership, teams and unlocking true potential

This is the anthropological theme at Fireside Summit.


This theme is about people and their potential. It’s about personal development and high-functioning teams. It’s about the power of the mind to hinder or accelerate successful innovation. It’s about how a bunch of monkeys became the most potent force for change on planet Earth.

You can expect inspiring talks from leaders in tech and sustainability heroes, to the wanderers and explorers that excite and enthral us with their tales of adventure. Building something worthwhile takes creativity and pragmatism, and this theme is about both.

Unlock the power of the mind in workshops and classes run by behavioural experts and leadership coaches, discover tools to realise your ideas and catalyse your business story. 

2019 Content

Check out some of the talks about people & leadership at Fireside Summit 2019

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