Peter Jansen

Leadership Coach | Radio Latino Inc.

Session 1: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 10:00
Type: Round-Table 
Topics: Leadership, Startups

Leading through emotional intelligence

Leadership has shifted, now more than ever, understanding others and serving the people we.lead through empathy, purpose, and vision has become essential for sustainable leadership. The question here is, how do we shift to leading through empathy to create empowered transformation beyond our borders, lives, and our generation?

Session 2: Wednesday 4th Sept @ 14:30
Track: Startup Creators
Type: Keynote
Topics: Leaderships, Startups, Sustainability

How to achieve transformational movements

Companies, organizations, countries, and individuals struggle with continuity and sustainability. These things rise and fall on the shoulders of leadership. We need to look beyond ourselves to achieve any of these things and to see more and see more before the rest.\u000AMy presentation will show you how grassroots movements and behaviors need to start from the individual and develop through empathic leadership to become sustainable and transformational.


Peter has uccessfully developed and implemented coaching, training and development programs, strategies, workshops and seminars in USA, England, Germany, Belgium, Mexico and EU companies, security, intelligence, military, rail and academic institutions.

Some of the projects Peter personally managed:

  • Coaching military and support personnel at the USAF, US Navy, US Army, US Marines and NATO Command

  • Volvo (Volvo Truck Action Service)

  • PC World Business, coaching retail and b2b staff & executives

  • MIC I recruited, trained and coached sales executives selling advertising space into the following tv channels: Star TV, Euro News, BBC America

  • MTS (Managed Technical Solutions) I took on two projects one for the Ministry of Defence and the other for Network Rail and the National Rail Authority.

  • Blue Arrow (Recruitment company)

Peter continually gives coaching, seminars and workshops to and for executives, politicians and businesses in Mexico, England, USA, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Sri Lanka

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7-10 Sept 2020

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