Richard Potts

Founder | Fireside Summit

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 09:30
Type: Keynote
Topics: Tech for Good, Startups, Fireside Summit

Sustainability, technology and building the future

In this opening keynote, the founder of Fireside Summit will take us on a journey of thousands of years from the end of the last ice age to the near future and the decisive moments that catapulted humans from hunter gatherers to flying spaceships in the evolutionary blink of an eye!

Rich will use his expertise in emerging technology and sustainability to extrapolate the human story beyond today and predict two futures: one where we fail to capitalise on our greatest strengths as a species, and one where we do.

Session 2: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 17:30
Type: Fun Stuff
Topics: Bushcraft, Nature, Plantlore, Natural History

Just a walk around Fireside Summit

Rich is a life-long bushcraft and wilderness expert and will be happy to share his expertise about the plants around the Fireside Summit venue; talking about their importance in our history and their many uses and names. This session will be an easy walk around the area following on from the final talks and workshops. 

Session 2: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 18:15
Type: Fun Stuff
Topics: Bushcraft, Nature, Plantlore, Natural History

Fire lighting skills!

Following the nature walk around the site, Rich will run a session on bushcraft firelighting skills with lots of opportunity to try your hand at lighting fires in some ancient ways! 

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Rich is founder of Whisper Media - the company behind Fireside Summit - a startup that he built from scratch in 2015. 

Previous to running his own company, Rich worked as a digital marketing expert and publisher across media companies in London, Bath and Bristol. 


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7-10 Sept 2020

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