Rishi Kapoor

Startup Consultant | We Are Nova

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 10:00
Type: Keynote
Topics: Startups, Investment

Customer Factory: how to evaluate and improve every part of a customer's journey

One of the key problems that trips up many lean practitioners when evaluating, launching and scaling a startup is the inability to crafting effective experiments that lead to breakthrough insights. That is where a Customer Factory can help. In this workshop we will look at how you evaluate and improve every part of a customer's journey, from attracting them, getting them to buy your product or service, to having them as a repeat customer and referring your product or service to their friends. Business isn't just about selling, it is about improving the entire experience of a customer from the moment they hear about you to the moment they become a loyal customer and preach about you to their closest friends!


Rishi is an Economics and MBA graduate with a background in the TMT sector. An effective and adept lateral thinker with strong analytical skills and commercial acumen.

Experienced in assessing market opportunities and providing strategic insights, with a strong track record in business development and growth.

A motivated and driven young professional with excellent interpersonal skills and international awareness. Highly proficient in assessing market opportunities and originating actionable solutions.

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7-10 Sept 2020

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