@ Fireside Summit 2019
SavedByTech is the global tech-for-good conference exploring the role of technology in solving the world's problems.

About SavedByTech

The global tech-for-good conference

SavedByTech is a celebration of advanced and disruptive technologies that are being used to save the planet, it’s species and society.

The conference is a melting pot of inspiring technologies that have transformative potential and explores the role of technology in addressing the world's problems, from social to environmental.

With a global lineup of speakers who are pioneering innovation in tomorrow’s technology, disrupting and improving the world around us, SavedByTech will once again bring the future to Europe @ Fireside Summit 2019!

What to expect at SavedByTech

SavedByTech is an established annual event that celebrates technology that does good.


Supported by over 350,000 professionals across all major social channels, SavedByTech connects and inspires a global community of technologists, entrepreneurs and investors. SavedByTech will bring engaging presentations from global leaders in profit with purpose businesses.

SavedByTech is now part of Fireside Summit.

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