Shani Zanescu

Founder & CEO | Isratech Ventures

Session: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 17:00
Type: Keynote
Topics: Startups, Technology, Leadership

The startup formula: made in Israel

How has a small country in a region full of challenges, become the front-runner of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies? How have Israelis mastered the art of problem-solving and turned their small desert nation into a powerhouse of invention, with an unparalleled ecosystem of creativity and resourcefulness? What is the formula for a start-up’s success and a flourishing innovative ecosystem? And what can each and every one of us learn from the case of the ‘Start-up Nation’?


Through this talk, we will unravel the key elements of the formula to successful start-ups, ecosystem ,and an entrepreneurial journey. We will explore facts, case studies, challenges, and personal stories from within the Israeli hi-tech industry that can be embraced by any venture-builder around the world!

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For nearly a decade, Shani Zanescu, has been connecting between world leaders, executives, diplomats and investors to Israel. So far she has led about 1,500 delegations and groups from 15 different countries and made about 350 connections to Israeli startups and companies.


Shani was formerly the Director of the Center for Israeli Innovation, and previously managed the Foreign Affairs Department of the British Council in Israel, leading collaborations in the fields of science and innovation.


She was also the Assistant Defense Attaché at the Embassy of Israel in the Netherlands. Shani holds a Master’s in Diplomacy & National Security from Tel Aviv University and a Bachelor of Communications & Business from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

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