Startup Creators

@ Fireside Summit 2019
Startup Creators is about the startup journey, entrepreneurial creativity and how to build the future.

About Startup Creators

The people building the future

Startup Creators is about startups and the people that build them.

Inspired by our own experiences launching new companies with belief and passion, through the inevitable difficulties and raw experience of creating something worthwhile, Startup Creators brings together those who have been there and those that want to take the journey.


Startup Creators is a core track at Fireside Summit, offering insightful keynotes on a range of topics from funding to leadership and workshops that peel back reality to expose the truth of starting up. Startup Creators is designed to reflect the reality of founding a business; no hype, no BS, no pitches, just useful information and valuable connections.

What to expect at Startup Creators

Starting a business is one of the most demanding, and daunting, things that you can undertake. 

That's why it's essential to skill up in vital areas, recognise your weaknesses, enhance your strengths and learn every single day. Startup Creators brings together the entrepreneurial community to share ideas, inspire and collaborate.

Expect practical workshops and insightful keynotes that inform and support your startup journey. 

Your Fireside Summit ticket gets you full access to Startup Creators as well as all the other tracks and activities over two days.

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