Core theme @ Fireside Summit
Sustainability is one of three core pillars at Fireside Summit. Understand the threats and opportunities for sustainable businesses and meet the global leaders shaping the future.

What to expect

What's happening in sustainability and how profit with purpose will transform business 

Fireside Summit focuses on the intersection between sustainability and technology. What this means in practice is that we’re concerned with technology designed specifically to address issues of sustainability, climate change and ecology. Think ocean clean-up initiatives, waste reduction innovation, closed-loop processes, advances in energy and manufacturing and so on.

But sustainability reaches beyond technology too. It’s about political change, philosophical discussion, economic (re)design. It’s about education, training, leadership and behavioural change. It’s about protests, grass-roots movements and how we each live our lives.

The sustainability theme at Fireside Summit is an effervescent blend of all these things. It’s a place to challenge your assumptions, discover new paths and form lasting connections with the protagonists of the future.

2019 Content

Check out some of the talks about sustainability at Fireside Summit 2019

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