@ Fireside Summit 2019
Tactical Summit talks about Privacy, Identity, Security & Data in our changing world.

About Tactical Summit

Privacy, Identity, Security & Data

Tactical Summit looks at some of the biggest issues in today's world: security, data, identity and safety.

From philosophical discussions about the dangers we face in our digital lives, to the technology that surrounds and watches us; security is one of the hottest topics at Fireside Summit.

Bringing together security leaders and technologists with experts from climate and data science, social movement protagonists and privacy advocates, Tactical Summit is one of the most exciting and though-provoking tracks at Fireside Summit. 

What to expect at Tactical Summit

Developed by security experts and futurists concerned with climate change, data, identity and social cohesion, Tactical Summit brings unique content and conversation to the appropriately off-grid setting of Fireside Summit.

Expect practical workshops and powerful discussions that get to the heart of the biggest security concerns of the modern age.


Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged!

Your Fireside Summit ticket gets you full access to Tactical Summit as well as all the other tracks and activities over two days.

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