Core theme @ Fireside Summit
Technology is the second pillar of Fireside Summit. Discover the technologies that are changing the world, be inspired by genuine experts and learn to decipher value from hype.

What to expect

The latest emerging technologies and useful insights into what's happening in tech 

The technology focus at Fireside Summit is about building a positive, sustainable future.


Fireside Summit rejects sales pitches and shiny new things, it’s not about hype or wild dreams of instant success. This is an event about real technological advances and real people that are improving the world in quantifiable ways.

Hear from carefully selected tech experts that won’t need to dazzle you with slideshows and buzzwords. These are the real doers, the creators and explorers driving tangible change across the world.

Be inspired about technology, understand where true potential lies and how to navigate the complexities created by so many emerging concepts. 

2019 Content

Check out some of the talks about technology at Fireside Summit 2019

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7-10 Sept 2020

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