Tim Whitcher

Head of Future Ready Rail | WSP

Session: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 11:30
Track: ExRobotica
Type: Keynote
Topics: IOT, Connected Devices, Smart Tech

Smart cities & the future of transport

The future is smart, much smarter than today. And the logical conclusion of the evolution of smart cities is integrated transport networks managed by a single common platform. Imagine that – every vehicle, every journey, every passenger experience managed seamlessly, synchronously and continuously optimising and re-configuring to deliver the best service. This is not a simple undertaking and it is much more than just a control system – the fact it integrates with and alters human behaviour alone is incredibly complicated – but the potential it creates is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts.


Leading the development of the front-end (smart city, MaaS) and back-end (supporting infrastructure, resilience and DR) solutions for the Digital Railway. Technical Lead for TM, C-DAS, S&C and IM solutions.

Key to my role is working out how to bring new technologies into the market place and solve the big questions in the industry and bring holistic solutions to transport through the digital railway. 

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