Tom Collins

Head of Digital Innovation | Good Energy

Session 1: Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 10:30
Type: Keynote
Topics: Tech for Good, Data, Energy

Data Will Make Us All Greener: How smart insights and new digital technology will mean the end of dirty power

Technology can be a huge driving force for change - but when it comes to energy, innovation has been sorely lacking, with climate change becoming an increasingly urgent threat.


Good Energy are working to change all that. Imagine a world where you power your electric vehicle from electricity produced by your own home - and then pump your excess charge back into your house when you get home from work. Good Energy are among a group of businesses working to make this a reality.


With unique insights from Good Energy's Head of Digital Innovation this session will look at how tech, and creative thinking, can change the world for the better through making energy, for good.


But how do you find the right source of innovation within your business, and how do you turn a big idea into reality? What can (and often does) go wrong when seeking to drive major change, and what can you do about it? We'll explore this and more...


Tom Collins is Head of Digital Innovation at Good Energy, one of the UK's leading renewable energy suppliers - working to change how the UK consumes power, underpinned by technical innovation. Tom is hugely passionate about the possibilities of technology to drive change. Before Good Energy, he launched award winning Fintech products to market, delivered industry-first consumer products in the financial sector and worked on global digital products co-ordinating teams in the UK, Hong Kong and South Africa. 


Tom is an interesting and engaging speaker, willing to tell honest stories and make the controversial statements that others might not. He is a big believer in the potential for the tech community in the UK and beyond to make the world a better place.

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